Hearty Vegetable and Orzo Soup | thiswifecooks.com

Hearty Vegetable and Orzo Soup

I was never much of a soup eater until our Littlest One came along. She loves soups like no one I’ve ever seen and would probably be just fine with me serving some version of it every day.

So, we’ve naturally all adapted and become almost weekly soup eaters.

We’re also big pasta eaters in this house so it came as no surprise when this vegan vegetable and orzo soup quickly become a current family favorite. And no worries if you have leftovers; they will keep well in the fridge for several days.

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Vegan Channa Masala | thiswifecooks.com

Vegan Channa Masala

Bursting with flavor, this hearty and satisfying vegan version of the Indian classic can be on your table in around 30 minutes!

If you want to either stretch the number of servings or just turn down the heat a little, I recommend beginning with bowls of basmati rice and spooning the channa masala over the top.

A cool cucumber raita and naan bread are the perfect complement to the spicy chickpeas.

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Penne with Artichokes, Walnuts, and Olives | thiswifecooks.com

Penne with Artichokes, Walnuts, and Olives

This is such a delicious dish. The greatness lies in the simplicity.

All the flavors – the artichokes, the walnuts, the sun-dried tomatoes, the kalamata olives – they’re all just so good together.

I served this with a simple bowl of mixed olives from the olive bar at the market and that was all that was needed to round out this meal.

And the family inhaled in it record time so this one’s a keeper, for sure.

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Chickpea and Pasta Soup with Spinach | thiswifecooks.com

Chickpea and Pasta Soup with Spinach

Hearty without being heavy. This is summertime comfort food, as requested by our youngest aka The Soup Lover, who went back for thirds and then again for lunch the next day.

The secret ingredient and the key to greatness with this soup is the homemade vegetable stock. Stock-in-a-box will work in a pinch but if you’ve got a few extra minutes, it’s worth the time for the richer flavor that comes with homemade.

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Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese | A classic kid-favorite! | thiswifecooks.com

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

You know those days when you don’t want to turn on the oven or do any real cooking on the stove but you could really go for some good old-fashioned cheesy carb-loaded comfort food? I had one of those days last week and this mac and cheese really hit the spot.

Keep in mind this is not one of those fix-it-and-forget-it recipes because the cooking time is only 2-3 hours and you will need to stir it occasionally so plan accordingly.

I served this with a plate of fresh vegetables and a sliced baguette, for sopping up the extra cheesy sauce. Carbs on carbs. I didn’t even care. Totally worth it.

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