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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Cookware?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Cookware?

Thank you to Made In Cookware for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

10" frying pan by @madeincookware |


If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through a lot of cookware over the years. Frying pans especially take quite a bit of abuse in my house and so quality materials and ability to stand up to daily use over a long period of time are important to me.

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to replace worn cookware:

  • Are there visible scratches on the pan?
  • Is the pan warped and no longer sitting completely flat on the burner?
  • Has cooking becoming uneven due to poor distribution and retention of heat?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, then it’s time.

I recently received a 10″ stainless steel frying pan from the Made In Cookware collection and was impressed not only with the weight and quality – their pans do not contain any of the typical, potentially harmful non-stick chemicals that can be found in other cookware – but also a price point that doesn’t break the bank. Follow @madeincookware on social media for detailed product information, updates, and sale alerts!

10" frying pan by @madeincookware |



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